Coming back to give back....


We are finally getting close to the re-opening of the Beehive Augusta Tavern!  They say history takes time, we can also confirm renovations take time :-)!!  

Our family has deep ties to the town of Augusta where we cherish friends, family, and memories shared in this tight knit community.  We decided to re-open the Beehive for many reasons...most importantly, the history that has happened in and around our building since 1796 is simply worth saving.  For generations, the building in which the Beehive is located has been a centerpiece for the community.  Our vision for the new Beehive is to re-create a special venue for friends and families to gather and make new history.  

Thank you to all who have been so patient and understanding during this painfully long process of renovating our 200+ year old building.  We are confident it will be worth the wait.  

We want to share a few before and after pictures of our renovation to get you excited for things to come......   

Jackson Bates