Getting closer to becoming, well, a restaurant again!


Back when we started renovating the Beehive, we were missing one key thing - a suitable kitchen. We recently finished building our new two-story kitchen house complete with all the modern amenities to ensure that every meal is the perfect meal… and it even has its own elevator!

Now, with much of the busy work complete (minus a big surprise, coming soon!!), we’ve been able to focus more on fine tuning the interior of the building. Creating the perfect atmosphere may seem like a daunting task given that our building is over 200 years old, and the reality is that it is. That’s why we’re taking our time to perfect every element of the dining experience, so that every visit blends comfort and elegance in the most unique of settings.

Take a look at a short timeline of how our kitchen house came to be, and see if you can guess what we’re going to be working on next!

Jackson Bates