Big thank you to all of our volunteers


What an amazing couple of days with friends from the Augusta community!!

A HUGE thank you to Beth and Dave Laskey, Carol and David Williams, Marie Kelsch, Leesa and Chuck Carr, Jane and Roland Tongret, and soon to be resident, Monica Wolf, for helping paint and clean the Beehive over the past few days! They worked tirelessly to move things along with painting, cleaning, moving, scraping, climbing, and lifting... all while having a blast doing it!

We cannot thank you enough for your efforts and dedication to our project. In only a matter of weeks, the Beehive will be buzzing once again and we’ll return the favor over a crackling fire and a glass of the best Bourbon you can find. Community is everything to us.. thank you so much again for giving us your time and positive energy!

Big things coming soon!! Stay tuned :)

Jackson Bates