savor a taste of history

on the mighty Ohio


Right on the river, a place out of time.

Beehive Augusta Tavern experience begins with the river with the majestic Ohio River flowing with the currents of history right along the tavern's banks. For hundreds of years, the river has delivered characters of all kinds with adventures to be shared: Explorers. Warriors. Scoundrels. Artists. Dreamers. The river connected them all, and it connects us still, across time, with the remarkable people and events that shaped this part of the world. 


at the beehive augusta tavern

The history is as tangible as the rough-hewn timbers and original sun-baked brick that make up our centuries-old dining room. We take pride in bringing together a mix of modern day river runners, boaters, and weekenders from throughout Kentucky and Ohio over delicious food and well-crafted cocktails. Our dining room hums with delightful conversations and connections.

Our goal is to serve you more than an excellent meal. We want you to leave with an unforgettable feeling that all is well—the warm, mellow glow from a beautifully aged bourbon (stocked plentifully at the tavern, if you are so inclined for some spirits.)


The Ohio tells an
extraordinary story.

Augusta is an enchanting place. The Beehive captures the best of this river town. Come immerse yourself in a feeling of timelessness. Let the river carry your worries away.  Reflect on the history and create some memories of your own. Watch and wonder as the next story unfolds along the banks of Augusta.... 


Winter Hours

Thursday 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Friday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm* and 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Saturday 11:00 am - 2:00 pm* and 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am - 2:00 pm** and 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

* serving lunch menu

** serving brunch menu


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